What does matcha taste like?





Matcha has that exact amount of bitterness that ends with a pleasant savory taste that we love at Maratcha. An umami blast with a smooth finish.


Don’t mess up the taste

Matcha has a very delicate taste that can be altered by many factors. Keep in mind a couple of things:

  • Don’t mix dairy milk and matcha. This is one of the reasons matcha lattes are a great option for vegans, as drinking it with dairy milk makes no sense: its high-fat content kills the umami taste in matcha. In most cafés, you’ll find that it is already served with plant milk on the menu. Some plant-based milk are too bitter, like sesame and rice milk, and therefore block the taste of matcha. We recommend oat milk.
  • Use a bamboo spoon and ceramic bowl. The taste of matcha is very delicate that even picking it up with a metal spoon can contaminate its flavour. The less time the powder touches the metal surface the better taste it’ll have.


Differences in taste

Of course, not all matcha’s taste the same, the different grades will each have their own taste. 


Ceremonial Grade

This is the top chef matcha. Ceremonial matcha is the finest quality powder available. It provides a rich, creamy, high-grade blend that’s sweet and sense-delighting. The smoothest taste.


Culinary Grade

Culinary Grade tastes more bitter. The Premium Grade has a rich sweet-earthy taste and creamy texture. This one is best enjoyed in lattes, smoothies, and lemonades as it mixes perfectly with liquids. On the other hand, the Classic Grade has the most strong green tea taste and earthy flavor.

With the different grades of matcha, it’s not about the quality that hits different, it’s certainly the taste and purpose we use it for. Ceremonial is sweeter, and Culinary is bitter. Ceremonial is for sipping and Culinary is for mixing. It really doesn’t matter which matcha you prefer, as all have the same benefits.

You can find the three grades in our shop, but if you can’t decide on one, order a small amount of all of them. Ceremonial is for energy, Premium is for calmness and Classic is for fun.

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