• matcha-brownie Vegan matcha brownie

    ADD MATCHA TOADD MATCHA TOYOUR VEGAN BROWNIE.YOUR VEGAN BROWNIE. You can never go wrong with a brownie. So, why don’t you add matcha for a vegan matcha brownie. We are going for a traditional brownie with nuts in it, but with a matcha topping and paste. These will balance out the sweetness of the brownie. [...] Continue Reading
  • Matcha latte recipe

    MARATCHA'SMARATCHA'SMATCHA LATTE.MATCHA LATTE. The Maratcha matcha latte recipe is super easy and simple. There’s no way it will go wrong, so get ready to enjoy your big energy boost for the day. Ingredients 3/4 cup oat milk 2 tablespoons warm water 1 1/2 teaspoons Maratcha premium or classic grade matcha powder Matcha latte recipe Sift [...] Continue Reading
  • cocktail-shot Matcha cocktail recipe

    A NIGHT OUT WITHA NIGHT OUT WITHA MATCHA COCKTAIL.A MATCHA COCKTAIL. Matcha is so versatile and can even be used in your favourite cocktail recipe with your friends. We are sure that most of them haven't even heard of adding matcha to your drinks, but why don't you try it out? Surprise them with your [...] Continue Reading
  • matcha-ice-cubes Matcha ice cubes recipe

    EASYEASYMATCHA ICE CUBES.MATCHA ICE CUBES. Matcha ice cubes are fun to add to your lattes. This source of antioxidants and vitamins can be stored in your freezer just like normal ice cubs, but with an interesting twist of matcha. Ingredients 1½ tablespoon of Premium Grade matcha 1½ cup of water 5 tablespoons of any plant [...] Continue Reading
  • iced-matcha-latte Iced matcha latte recipe

    COOLCOOLICED MATCHA LATTE.ICED MATCHA LATTE. Is it too hot for a matcha latte? Try an iced matcha latte, it's cool cousin.  It’s super easy. Just as with any latte, there’s no way it will go wrong. Get ready to enjoy your cool energy boost of the day. Ingredients 3/4 cup oat milk Lots of ice [...] Continue Reading
  • matcha-lemonade Matcha lemonade recipe

    HEALTHY AND REFRESHINGHEALTHY AND REFRESHINGMATCHA LEMONADE.MATCHA LEMONADE. We are sure that the Matcha Lemonade at Starbucks got your attention. Why don’t try it at home? The matcha lemonade recipe is one of the easiest recipes for matcha. Besides, the lemon has a bunch of properties, just as our favorite green powder: this is the healthiest [...] Continue Reading
  • no-bake-matcha-cheesecake No-bake matcha cheesecake

    NO-BAKENO-BAKEMATCHA CHEESECAKE.MATCHA CHEESECAKE These stress-beating bars are the perfect snack, breakfast, or dessert. Delicious and easy to make, this no-bake matcha cheesecake will blow your mind. The best part? It's vegan! Follow us along to learn how to create these amazing no-bake matcha cheesecake bars. INGREDIENTS  Cookie Butter Crust: 2/3 cup coconut cream 1/3 cup [...] Continue Reading