• oat-milk Oat milk matcha

    LEVEL UP MATCHA YOURLEVEL UP MATCHA YOURWITH OAT MILK.WITH OAT MILK. Matcha powder is traditionally mixed with warm water, however, we can make our drinks a little more interesting by adding some oat milk to our matcha. It’s true that choosing the best milk to prepare our matcha latte has a lot of trial and [...] Continue Reading
  • 2020_Ceremonial_Grade_Matcha_Tin_With_Plants Matcha meditation

    DIVE INTODIVE INTOMATCHA MEDITATION.MATCHA MEDITATION. We can see some of you are familiar with meditation, you’re in luck then, because matcha has just the exact same benefits. You can start directly with our how-to step guide on a meditation tea ceremony. But if you are not THAT into meditation, welcome to the basics 👀 Matcha [...] Continue Reading