A matcha whisk and bowl to drink matcha like a pro like it’s the year 1271. Now the matcha bowl has a spout to pour with peace in mind.

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Matcha whisk and bowl. This pink matcha set includes:

Prong The matcha whisk has 80 prong

Production Handmade

Material 100% natural bamboo

Sustainable Yes

Usage Usucha (thin tea) and Koicha (thick tea)

Dimensions Diameter 6 cm / Height 11 cm

Variation The matcha bowl may have natural variations in the pink and green colour hue

Production Handmade by GJM Pottery

Material Ceramic

Dimensions Diameter 12 cm / Height 8 cm

Volume ~430 ml

To get the matcha frothy and flavourful, we need to whisk the matcha in a W-shape. If you use a bowl that is not wide enough, you can’t move the matcha whisk quickly enough. Also, the sides must be high enough to prevent splashing matcha out of the bowl, but low enough so that the matcha whisk can touch the bottom of the bowl. The best thing about this bowl is that it has a spout to pour your matcha with ease.

After each use, gently rinse with water. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.

The pink matcha set includes a matcha whisk and bowl. Nice … but, what is it?

Matcha bowl

Our matcha bowl aka Chawan as it is called in Japanese is traditionally used for preparing matcha tea during Japanese tea ceremonies.

Why is it important?

The right bowl is so important for the right ”tea way” (Chado). Even at one point during the Japanese ceremony, the origin of the bowl will be revealed… yeah it is that serious.


Our bowl is made in a small town called Brugge in Belgium by a retired pottery maker. It was designed as an exclusive collection for Maratcha. All pieces are handmade and unique in shape and colour hue. It truly is a collector’s item. The bold pink and green colors bring some fun into your at-home matcha game.

What makes ours different?

Our bowl has the exact dimension for the official Japanese tea ceremony, but with a modern twist. While matcha latte is becoming more popular, we noticed how inconvenient it is to pour matcha straight out of the bowl… We were literally spilling matcha all over the counter… Now that won’t happen anymore as our bowl has a spout. So you can pour your matcha with ease and prepare those delicious matcha lattes in no time.


Matcha whisk

The matcha whisk (80 prong) aka ‘Chasen’ in Japanese. It is a traditional brush to prepare a matcha tea. These brushes are handmade from a single piece of bamboo and have a very fine structure. It will help you create the very foamy structure of the matcha tea.

What does 80 prong mean?

Well, it is the string count (or the teeth of the Chasen). The more strings a Chasen has the finer they are, which ultimately created a smoother matcha. The higher the number, the easier it is to mix the tea powder into the water and create the foam.

Tip: this pink matcha set is the perfect matcha gift set to give to family, friends or uhm … yourself.

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