Wanna make stuff instantly cuter? Grab this matcha sticker sheet and decorate … well, literally whatever you want. Just so you know… these stickers are waterproof! So, perfect for your laptop.

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What? Matcha sticker sheet, including 6 individual stickers

Production Sustainable

Material Waterproof paper

Sustainable Yes

Usage For laptop, notebook, etc.

Dimensions 14,8 x 21 cm (5,8 x 8,3 inch)

Is this even a serious question? Of course, everyone needs a matcha sticker. I mean who doesn’t want to make their stuff look cuter. The matcha sticker is waterproof so you can put them anywhere you want… your laptop, notebook, phone… whatever you have in mind.

Who would have thought we ever needed a guide on how to put a sticker on a surface? But in case you don’t yet, here it is.

How to use the matcha sticker?

  1. Find a nice spot to put your sticker on
  2. Make sure the surface has no oil or dirt under it
  3. Peel the sticker of the sheet
  4. Paste your sticker on the spot, easy!

The matcha sticker is waterproof. So no matter where you will put your sticker. It will survive.

Oh, this was so much fun to create! We wanted to really bring our brand alive with some illustrations. After hours of searching, we found an illustrator (@nono_kon) from Ukraine who was up for the task. After hundreds of ideas with the Maratcha team, she started to bring our ideas to life. Check out the process below … excuse our uhm… ugly self-made drawings😅

Stickers included

  1. Maratcha’s premium matcha tin
  2. Iced matcha latte with straw
  3. Hand holding a matcha latte
  4. I DONUT care
  5. I love you a latte
  6. Matcha latte with lips and tongue sticking out.
  1. Drawing up sketches by ourselves… turned out like this.

2. Approving the digital sketches. Can you spot some differences now with the final design?

3. Now that the sketches were drawn, it was time to decide on colours. We made some changes, and now you are able to grab the stickers in our store! Go get them while they last.