All the Maratcha without the world’s toughest decision: picking a flavor. It’s for those who fear commitment and embrace options.

Flavors included: ceremonial matcha, premium matcha, classic matcha

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Taste Sweet umami blast with an ultra smooth finish | Rich, sweet and earthy | Bold and earthy

Ingredients 100% matcha green tea powder

Caffeine Yes! Minus the jitters and crash

Serving 3x 10 g (a month supply for the daily drinker)

Origin Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Producer Small family farms

Harvest  Premium 1st harvest (harvest only once a year from youngest leaves) | 1st and 2nd harvest | 2nd and 3rd harvest

Elevation  23 m

Process  Hand-picked, steamed, dried, destemmed, deveined and stone-ground

Shading  Honzu shaded for ± 20 days


Enjoy on its own, ideally with friends and good music. We like ours hot. After opening, store in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight and odours. Drink within two months.



Scoop 1 teaspoon of matcha into a bowl



Add 100 ml of hot water (80 °C)



Whisk together with a bamboo whisk, enjoy!

We source our matcha sustainably and organically from small family farms in Uji, Japan. We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

Packaged in our sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging. Made from post-consumer recycled trees and printed with vegetable ink. Only the good stuff.

”Regular” matcha is often bitter and have chemicals that make them taste artificial. Our matcha is hand-picked and harvested only once a year from 1st harvest matcha grown on sustainable & organic small family farms in Uji, Japan. All-natural, no artificial stuff ever. As one of the highest grades of matcha available in the world, a sip will shoot you straight to paradise, with a strong boost of feel good energy.

Sustainably farmed on small family farms in Uji, Japan.

Sustainably farmed on small family farms in Uji, Japan.

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