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Matcha powder is traditionally mixed with warm water, however, we can make our drinks a little more interesting by adding some oat milk to our matcha. It’s true that choosing the best milk to prepare our matcha latte has a lot of trial and error: we just need to find the one that we like the most in taste. But before we go through the reasons we recommend oat milk… Let’s see what we should and shouldn’t do when choosing the perfect milk.

DO’s and (mostly) DON’T’s

  • Don’t mix dairy milk and matcha. Drinking it with dairy milk makes no sense: its high-fat content kills the umami taste of matcha. In most cafés, you’ll find that it is already served with plant-based milk on the menu. This is one of the reasons matcha lattes are a great option for vegans.
  • Choose plant-based milk with no specific taste. For example, milk with a strong smell or taste such as buckwheat milk or soya milk messes with the matcha taste. Therefore, it’s better to use the light version.
  • Don’t use bitter plant-based milk. Sesame and rice milk can be too bitter and therefore block the taste of matcha.
  • We want the froth. This is one of the guilty pleasures when drinking matcha, which can also be very aesthetic! To get the right texture and froth, we recommend coconut or any other nut milk.
  • Don’t use thick textures. Some milk can lessen or even completely make the matcha taste go away.

Maratcha’s favorite: oat milkoat-milk

Oat milk is one of everyone’s favourite plant milk. It’s no surprise our founder Amy Wolkenfelt recommends it with your matcha latte. It’s also one of the favourites of gluten intolerants as gluten-free oat milk does exist in our supermarkets.

Some people are afraid to use milk instead of solely water in their matcha tea as they believe that the benefits will be reduced. They won’t. Oat milk will not change the way your body absorbs vitamins and minerals. It depends on how you like to drink your matcha the most: you won’t need to add extra sugar, as oat milk contains natural sweetness.

Oat milk has more of a watery consistency, which is similar to water and not as thick or flavoured as soya milk. It will still make your latte creamier and tastier thanks to the nutty flavour. Also, as oat milk is high in carbohydrates, it will boost your energy even more.

We recommend using 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup of oat milk in your drink, but just like coffee, pour as much as you like.

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