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You may be wondering what keto means, and what does it have to do with matcha. But perhaps, if we say ketosis, that sounds a bit more familiar, right?

A Ketogenic (or Keto) Diet is a type of diet that people usually describe as something more than a diet, even a lifestyle. Compared to others, this lifestyle works because it’s a supercharged low-carb diet that does not leave you starving. After all, it’s also high in fat content.

Your body gets energy from burning fat as you reduce carbs. The process to get the energy is ketosis. This is the metabolic state that the body falls into when fat cells are broken down and form ketones. For getting all the benefits of your natural body process, 75% of the diet must be healthy fats (presents for example in olive oil, nuts, or avocados).

Another way of putting your body under ketosis is through fasting, another trend these days. In this part of the process, you feel energized. Your cells are providing you with the energy you had stored previously, making you lose weight very fast.


Is matcha keto-friendly?

As matcha tea has no sugar and is low in carbs, you can easily add it to your keto diet. However, we recommend drinking it as pure tea (a friendly reminder to take the ceremonial grade matcha 😉). Besides, avoiding any added sugar will also help your goal. By drinking your daily matcha cup, you can also benefit from the 6-hour-span of the continuous boost of energy that L-theanine provides to your brain and body.


However, it’s important to be aware of your needs and also take care of your body. For that, before following any diet, you should visit a professional. If you still feel that a diet isn’t working for you, you can always ask them to switch it.

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