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You might be wondering if our lovely matcha can boost your day in the same way that maybe coffee or green tea does. Well, matcha is a type of green tea, so of course, it contains caffeine! Actually, it works even better than any of the other options you could consider.

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Matcha is an ancient Japanese green tea. One of the benefits is without a doubt the spur of energy it has on you. People make use of caffeine in the mornings in order to wake up easily and improve their concentration in those early mornings. However, too much coffee and you’ll get all kinds of problems … blood pressure rises, you feel an accelerated heart rate or start shaking all over. Here comes the best part of matcha: you won’t feel any of that because you won’t even realize when the caffeine kicks in!

The amount of caffeine you will find in matcha is double that in a normal green tea, which will definitely help you not to feel tired, but there will be no glucose or adrenaline spike. All thanks to a special guest called L-theanine.


L-theanine is a unique amino acid found in some green and black teas. However, its concentration is even larger in matcha (as we ingest the whole leaf). Not only does it provide a sustained energy boost (up to 6 hours) with less caffeine, but it also helps you focus and improves your attention. L-theanine helps your body absorb the caffeine slower. This little friend is helping us to feel good after our daily cup of matcha and makes us fall in love with matcha even more.


Let’s go back to some box-checking:

  • Does matcha have caffeine? Yes.
  • How much caffeine does matcha contain per cup? It may contain an average of 44 to 68 mg per teaspoon, which may depend on the quality of the matcha. You can always choose how much matcha you need every day!
  • Will matcha give you the jitters and crash after a while? Not at all. It will gently bring you back to your normal non-caffeine state.
  • What about coffee? Yes, coffee will give you an equal boost, but it comes with spikes and crashes… better to avoid it.
  • What about green tea? In matcha, you actually consume the whole leave. Therefore, it contains double the caffeine than other green teas. However, not only does the caffeine double, but also the benefits.

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