Matcha benefits





Our favorite drink is trending. But… why do we love matcha so much? Here are the top 20 benefits of matcha tea.



Matcha benefits

  1. Get a glowing skin

Matcha will help your skin look better than ever before. The antioxidants and vitamins present in the green powder help to reduce inflammation, redness from rosacea or acne, and will stimulate skin cell turnover.

Another great benefit is that matcha is really helpful for oily skin. A daily matcha dose will remove the extra oil as it regulates sebum production, and breaks down the dead skin cells from pollution, making you look younger day by day. Pro tip: make your own matcha face mask.

  1. Healthy caffeine

Just as any green tea, matcha also provides you with your daily doses of caffeine to boost your energy. Still, it’s not like any other source of caffeine: the one present in matcha won’t spike and crash, but lift you gently into focus and motivation until it slowly gets you back to normal.

  1. Perfect for meditation

Meditation is also becoming very popular lately, but its origins come from Asia. This practice has been associated with the same benefits as matcha: calmness and inner peace. Drinking tea as part of your meditation ritual can boost the effects and helps you concentrate by raising the awareness of your own body and thoughts.

For your next meditation, take your whisk and your ceremonial matcha to chill.

  1. It’s not a boring looking drink

We love colors at Maratcha, but we only love colors that bring us light and fun. What is more fun than a green drink? Other teas need a fancy cup or photoshop, but matcha just needs the camera. You just need to look at our feed on Instagram to see how good matcha looks in the spotlight.

  1. Food dye

Cookies, cakes, smoothies, pancakes, … but make it green. Add a teaspoon of matcha to your sweet or salty recipe, and you’ll have the fanciest food at the party 😉

  1. Alleviates anxiety and depression symptoms

Society currently suffers from these types of illnesses, and if we can make anything to help those who have a hard time, then we have to go for it.

As matcha helps you keep your mind and body healthy, a daily dose of matcha powder can bring your stress levels down and can boost your happiness. The same polyphenols present in chocolate are also in matcha, meaning it will also boost your happiness.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

As with many other parts of your body we’ll see later on, matcha is a plus to your heart. Incorporating matcha in the long run may help you lower your blood pressure as well as may prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Antioxidants

We could be biased, but the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) test can be trusted. It was discovered that matcha has 1384 units of antioxidants per gram. That definitely settles matcha as the highest antioxidant rating of all food types. It even beats spinach!

  1. Never something tasted so good

Matcha has that exact amount of bitterness that ends with a pleasant savoury taste that we love. What can we say… Just an umami blast with a smooth finish 🍵.

  1. Easy to prepare at home

Most of the benefits listed are achieved by a regular dose of matcha, wouldn’t it be great if we can just make it ourselves?

Spot on! You can prepare matcha in a thousand different ways at home, and if inspiration is lacking, check out our recipes.

  1. Improves your immune system

Just a sip of matcha and your T cells will be all over the place preparing to fight against any autoimmune diseases.

  1. Losing weight ally

When you buy matcha you are actively joining the gym: your body starts burning calories up to 25% of fat. You will still need to work out, but this kind of help is always welcomed.

Another great thing about matcha is that it’s more filling than other teas because of its thickness, which will help you to not snack between hours (even though those no-bake matcha bars look pretty delicious).

  1. Source of vitamins and minerals

Name any letter from the alphabet, matcha will come up with a vitamin for you. The truth is that this unique green tea has all types of vitamins, from A, B, and C, but also F and P, including collagen and magnesium.

  1. Not getting old today

Yes, another benefit of matcha is making you look younger by slowing down the ageing process.

  1. It may help prevent cancer

Some studies show that green tea contains EGCG, which are antioxidants with possible cancer-fighting benefits. This leads in the end to cancer prevention. Research is still in process, but it’s worth a try.

  1. A boost for your brain

Matcha’s caffeine increases your attention, focus, performance, processing speed, memory and reaction time. Its superpower called L-theanine can avoid distractions and improve brain function for a better learning experience.

  1. Almost like toothpaste

Who thought drinking a green beverage could have similar results as brushing your teeth?

Some plant compounds found in matcha can be traced as antibacterial properties, which help to improve bad breath but also reduce the number of bacteria, protecting us against cavities.

  1. Helps to protect the liver

Your liver is a very important part of your body! What would we do without it?

We can help us keep in shape by taking some matcha drinks (thanks to polyphenolic antioxidants).

  1. Cholesterol-friendly

There’s bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, and we only like the latter one.

Luckily, some food and drinks can help us regulate them. Matcha is very clever. It reduces the LDL type (the bad guys) and ups the HDL concentration levels (the good guys) in the body.

  1. An ally against arthritis that strengthens your bones

One of our favorite antioxidant components, polyphenols, will oil your joints as well as help to increase bone mineral density or slow down cartilage destruction.



Maratcha’s extra matcha benefits

But that’s not all. Maratcha adds the last matcha benefits… Number 21, this time for the planet. With every Maratcha you contribute to animal rescue and free education, as we give 1% of our profit to these associations. Not only that, but we are also using great packaging that doesn’t harm our planet. No weird stuff, promise.


Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

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