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Matcha bowl

Meet the matcha bowl. Your new best friend in preparing your favorite matcha. In other words, small and mighty, this bowl has got your back wherever you are, for whatever you need – whisking matcha, pouring matcha, or holding your smoothie/noodles.

How to use the matcha bowl:

It’s pretty simple: just whisk 100ml warm water (80 degrees) with matcha in the bowl. After that, whisk for 20 seconds. Last but not least, drink it straight up or mix it with your favorite mylk! We love our premium matcha with oatmilk, rice milk or coconut milk. We definitely recommend using this bowl to pour your pure matcha into a glass of your favorite mylk or soda. Check out our bowl to make your prep easy.

Why we love them:

  • The bowl is made by a small pottery family business in Brugge, Belgium. The owner has been retired for a long time now, but still creates pottery as a hobby.
  • In addition, it is so easy to pour your matcha into a glass now, thanks to the spout. We were constantly struggling to pour our matcha properly without spilling any matcha on the counter, but not anymore 😉
  • The best part of the bowl is the colour that stands out a mile away. The pink and green are the iconic Maratcha colours, where the green accentuates the matcha. Are you team pink or green?
  • The bowl is super Instagram-friendly and looks great in every picture. Aesthetic pictures? Check.
  • Small enough to carry around and big enough (dimension:12 cm) to whisk your matcha with the matcha whisk like a pro. Above all, it is also 8 cm high, in order to make sure that the matcha doesn’t splash around while you’re whisking or frothing your matcha.

How they are made:

We had so much fun designing the bowl for this collection. From approving the design to picking out the colors to match our brand. Lastly, what do you think?

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