Does Matcha Make You Poop?


We know this can be a sensitive topic, and maybe it’s something most people want to know in private. But, at Maratcha, we decided to cover all your doubts. We’ll help you through the process to understand every bit of matcha. So, yes, matcha makes you poop. This basically means that matcha is good for digestion. There are three main reasons, but mostly it’s because of the caffeine and antioxidants present in the powder.


Antioxidants help your metabolism detox better and quicker, which means more energy and better digestion. It even has 1384 units of antioxidants per gram. That definitely settles matcha as the highest antioxidant rating in food. It even beats spinach.


Caffeine can also end up being an ally for digestion, as it has laxative effects in high quantities. How quickly it affects you will always depend on the individual, but it will always help.

Besides, we usually like to drink our matcha cup as a warm tea or latte.

Premium grade matcha

It’s proven that warm fluids improve the activity in our stomach and intestines.


Matcha won’t fix your slow digestion or irregularity, but it will indeed make things easier for you – matcha will make you poop. The process will improve and you will feel lighter. A healthier metabolism will only be beneficial. Whereas matcha helps you on the one hand to poop, avoid it when you are suffering from diarrhoea.