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  • how-to-whisk What does matcha taste like?

    MEET THE REALMEET THE REALMATCHA TASTE.MATCHA TASTE. Matcha has that exact amount of bitterness that ends with a pleasant savory taste that we love at Maratcha. An umami blast with a smooth finish. Don't mess up the taste Matcha has a very delicate taste that can be altered by many factors. Keep in mind a [...] Continue Reading
  • Maratcha How to make matcha

    THE ULTIMATETHE ULTIMATEMATCHA GUIDE.MATCHA GUIDE. This guide will help you learn how to make matcha, and the tools needed to get the best matcha taste. Choose a matcha It is always the first step in preparing your matcha. There are plenty of different types of matcha, but the choice will depend on the final result. [...] Continue Reading
  • ceremonial-matchas Matcha keto-friendly

    MATCHA INMATCHA INYOUR KETO DIET.YOUR KETO DIET. You may be wondering what keto means, and what does it have to do with matcha. But perhaps, if we say ketosis, that sounds a bit more familiar, right? A Ketogenic (or Keto) Diet is a type of diet that people usually describe as something more than a [...] Continue Reading
  • matcha-pregnancy Can you drink matcha while pregnant?

    PREGNANCY AND DAILYPREGNANCY AND DAILYMATCHA INTAKE.MATCHA INTAKE. First, congratulations! Being pregnant is a whole new experience. Probably you are now in the early stages, discovering what things are good and beneficial for you and your baby, and what foods to avoid for some time. And as a matcha lover, you are probably wondering… Can I [...] Continue Reading
  • matcha-textures Green matcha color

    WHY ISWHY ISMATCHA GREEN?MATCHA GREEN? Matcha drinks have something special... and it may be the color. All other green teas aren't true to their name. In this case, that very special look is part of matcha culture. But does matcha have a green color? This bright color is given by a natural-present pigment called Chlorophyll. [...] Continue Reading
  • 2020_Matcha_Mix_With_Pink_Background Matcha grades

    MEET THE DIFFERENTMEET THE DIFFERENTMATCHA GRADES.MATCHA GRADES. Matcha is a super-powered stone-ground green tea from Japan. It has been a staple of Japanese drinking culture for over 1,000 years. However, if you are new to this drink, you may be wondering what type of matcha you should buy and what the different grades are for. [...] Continue Reading
  • oat-milk Oat milk matcha

    LEVEL UP MATCHA YOURLEVEL UP MATCHA YOURWITH OAT MILK.WITH OAT MILK. Matcha powder is traditionally mixed with warm water, however, we can make our drinks a little more interesting by adding some oat milk to our matcha. It’s true that choosing the best milk to prepare our matcha latte has a lot of trial and [...] Continue Reading
  • 2020_Ceremonial_Grade_Matcha_Tin_With_Plants Matcha meditation

    DIVE INTODIVE INTOMATCHA MEDITATION.MATCHA MEDITATION. We can see some of you are familiar with meditation, you’re in luck then, because matcha has just the exact same benefits. You can start directly with our how-to step guide on a meditation tea ceremony. But if you are not THAT into meditation, welcome to the basics 👀 Matcha [...] Continue Reading
  • infographic-benefits-matcha Matcha benefits

    GET TO KNOW ALLGET TO KNOW ALLMATCHA BENEFITS.MATCHA BENEFITS. Our favorite drink is trending. But... why do we love matcha so much? Here are the top 20 benefits of matcha tea.   Matcha benefits Get a glowing skin Matcha will help your skin look better than ever before. The antioxidants and vitamins present in the green [...] Continue Reading
  • Matcha caffeine

    CAFFEINECAFFEINEIN MATCHA.IN MATCHA. You might be wondering if our lovely matcha can boost your day in the same way that maybe coffee or green tea does. Well, matcha is a type of green tea, so of course, it contains caffeine! Actually, it works even better than any of the other options you could consider. Matcha [...] Continue Reading